CIO ZANETTA               

14th October 1946 - † 26th January 2021

Cio Zanetta born in Bruzella (Valle di Muggio, TI-SWISS) the 14th October 1946, since 1989 he has lived and worked in Bellinzona. Artist "self-taught by choice", as he liked to define himself, he began his career and his artistic training in 1970 and four years later he attended the Brera Art Academy in Milan. However, it was only in 1980 that he devoted himself exclusively to painting with important stays abroad (Cité des Arts in Paris, among others). His first important solo show was in 1979 at the Galleria Nuova Sfera in Milan: then he exhibited regularly, albeit with wide intervals, even outside the cantonal borders.

It is interesting to note that at the beginning of his production he categorically rejected color, focusing solely on black and white. Then at a certain point the explosion of colors took place, but always and only the primary ones (yellow, red and blue). Very bright colors that allowed him to immerse himself in the study of his still favorite subject: the human figure.

As always, the human condition is at the center of the attention of this artist from Bellinzona, who loves to dig into everyday reality and in the current historical moment to find but also to explicitly leave a trace of himself. His paintings, free from any conformism or academic dictates, thus become witnesses of the drama of our present. A present that tomorrow will inexorably transform into a memory, into a trace or into a simple faded presence of human memory, but that will not vanish because an artist with a mild and sensitive soul has fixed it in time on canvas.

Flavia Crameri (LINK)


His works can be found in public and private collections in Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Greece and America.

His paintings have been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions, both in Switzerland and abroad:


Solo exhibitions:

1979   Galleria Nuova Sfera, Milano   (28 opere)

1980   Casa Verda, Bissone

1981   Piccolo Cabaret del Bosco, Bosco Luganese

1981   Fass, Sciaffusa   (30 disegni)

1982   Galleria Mosaico, Chiasso

1984   Galleria Tonino, Campione d’Italia   (34 opere)

1985   Galleria Am Waidfussweg, Zurigo

1986   Galerie de Couvaloup, Morges   (27 opere)

1987   Galleria Am Waidfussweg, Zurigo - “ARIA DI PARIGI”   (28 opere)

1989   Galleria alla Loggia, Carona - “INFORMAZIONE”   (18 opere)

1989   Casa Comunale, Roveredo (TI) - “FRAMMENTI”   (11 opere)

1990   Galleria Am Waidfussweg, Zurigo - “REPERTI FUTURIBILI”   (18 opere)

1991   Galleria La Cornice, Bellinzona   (19 opere)

1992   Galleria Am Waidfussweg, Zurigo   (26 opere)   

1994   Centro Culturale Ciseri, Ronco s. Ascona   (31 opere)

1994   Urner Kantonalbankz, Altdorf   (32 opere)

1994   Galerie Altstadt, Bülach   (23 opere)

1996   Galleria La Casa, Vaglio   (20 opere)

1997   Zentrum am Thunersee, Gwatt    (48 opere)

1999   Ente Turistico, Bellinzona   (24 opere)

2001   Cureglia

2002   Spataro, Claro   (40 opere)

2003/6 Hotel Millennium, Locarno - Expo opere Cio Zanetta durante il New Orleans Jazz Festival di Ascona e le Jazz Night’s del Film Festival                          Locarno   (18 opere)

2007   Galleria il Pozzo, Bellinzona - “PRESENZE”

2013   Galleria Job, Giubiasco - “PER LA MEMORIA”   (28 opere)

2015   Galleria il Raggio, negozio La Cornice, Lugano - “CON DIVISIONI”   (25  opere)


Group exhibitions:

1979   “PITTIRI AL PARCO”, Rivetta Tell, Lugano Cassarate   (31 opere)

1979   Villa Malpensata, Lugano

1980   Lito Galleria, Cortivallo

1981    Buffet della Stazione, Bellinzona

1983   Ristorante La Meridiana, Balerna

1983   Biennale SPSAS, Delémont

1984   Galleria SPSAS, Locarno

1984   Galerie am Platz, Eglisau - “KÜNSTLER AUS TESSIN”

1985   Sala Esposizioni Il Torchio, Balerna

1985   Galleria Toni Brechbühl, Grenchen

1985   “TICINO TERRA D'ARTISTI”, Castelmont Prilly   (10 opere)

1985   “PITTURA D'OGGI NEL TICINO”, Credito Svizzero Lugano (16.12.'85-23.03.'86)   (4 opere)

1985   “KUNST IM FLUSS”, Gruppo Göschenen, Windisch

1986   Galleria Beato Berno, SPSAS, Ascona - “CURIOSITÀ=LIBERTÀ”

1986   ARCIDESIGN Piazza Riforma, Lugano

1987   Galleria Katia La Coste, San José California USA - “INTRODUCTION”

1987   Cité Internationale des Arts, Parigi

1990   Golf Club Lugano, Magliaso   (4 opere)

1994   Galleria La Cornice, Bellinzona - “DIECI ANNI DODICI ARTISTI”   (6 opere)

1996   Antico Monastero delle Agostiniane, Monte Carasso - “TRANSIT”   (47 opere)

1998   Centro Abitare, Giubiasco   (40 opere)

2002   Banca Stato, Lugano   (4 opere)

2005   Museo Civico di Belle Arti, Lugano

2009   Galleria La Casa, Vaglio

2015   Visarte, Lugano