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Cio Zanetta born in Bruzella (Valle di Muggio, TI-SWISS) the 14th October 1946, since 1989 he has lived and worked in Bellinzona. Artist "self-taught by choice", as he liked to define himself, he began his career and his artistic training in 1970 and four years later he attended the Brera Art Academy in Milan. However, it was only in 1980 that he devoted himself exclusively to painting with important stays abroad (Cité des Arts in Paris, among others). His first important solo show was in 1979 at the Galleria Nuova Sfera in Milan: then he exhibited regularly, albeit with wide intervals, even outside the cantonal borders.

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Cio Zanetta Jazz Ascona New Orleans Luisiana USA Hotel Millenium Locarno Galleria Mosaico Chiasso Zentrum am Thunersee Gwatt Galleria Am Waidfussweg Zurich Cité des Arts in Paris Galleria Nuova Sfera Milano Galleria Katia La Coste San José CA-USA Piccolo Cabaret del Bosco Bosco Luganese Galleria Tonino Campione d'Italia Galleria Toni Brechbühl Grenchen Galerie de Couvaloup Morges Antico Monastero Agostiniane Monte Carasso Galleria la Cornice Bellinzona Centro Abitare Giubiasco Brera Art Academy in Milan Ente turistico Bellinzona
Cio Zanetta, an artist who from the Brera Academy of Art in Milan, then evolved by exhibiting in places and participating in important events, including:

Jazz Ascona, Hotel Millenium Locarno, Cité des Arts in Paris, Galleria Nuova Sfera Milano, Galerie de Couvaloup Morges, Antico Monastero Agostiniane Monte Carasso, Galleria Tonino Campione d'Italia

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After the premature and sudden death of my father Cio Zanetta on January 26, 2021, I found myself in my hands a large amount of his works, part of his production in 42 years of artistic career.

It consists of hundreds of paintings, prints, drawings, sketches and "paintings-sculptures".

I proceeded to list all his exhibitions (about fifty private and collective) made over the years, in Ticino, Switzerland, Italy, France and the United States and the works carried out at the request of third parties, attaching, where they are present, the flyers, invitations, catalogs and newspaper articles relating to individual exhibitions.

Many of his works can be found in public and private collections in Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Greece and America.

All of this can be found on the website created specifically to remember and disseminate the work of this very active and multifaceted artist from Ticino.

The site contains a photographic catalog of the works that remain in my possession, grouped in the “COLLECTION” submenu, many of which are for sale (e-Commerce or by contacting me privately to be able to view them), while others are part of mine or other private collections.


And, finally, it is my intention to promote direct knowledge of my father's works through exhibitions, both unpublished and retrospectives.

Teo Zanetta